I was a member last term (or for an earlier term) but my password no longer works. Why?

Passwords are only good for a single term, as are memberships. You need to JOIN again for each new term. When you do, you will be issued a new password for that term.

How do I JOIN for both myself and my spouse? We both want to register for classes.

The JOIN process is only for one person. You will need to JOIN twice - once for yourself and again for your spouse. Each of you will be issued a separate password to be used for your individual class registrations.

I registered for several classes, but when I received my class list by email, some of them were missing. What happened?

Most classes have a maximum limit. If a class is filled with members who requested the class as a high priority and also registered early, you may not get in but you will be put on a waiting list. Do not assume you are in a class until you receive your final schedule of classes.

How do I maximize my chances of getting into the classes I want?

Each member prioritizes their class requests. So for example, if you want a class with very limited spaces, you would prioritize it as #1 when you register. You continue prioritizing all of your class requests and for classes with no limits or higher capacity, you would give them a lower priority. After classes are filled with the highest priority requests, the system then automatically fills by the date and time you joined. So, join early and give a high priority to the size-limited classes that are most important to you.

Why are there multiple starting dates for some classes?

For classes with more than one starting date, you may choose any of the available starting dates. To increase your chances of making one of these classes, you may select more than one starting date. However, you will only be registered for the one that is available and has your highest priority.

I want to pay by check. What is your mailing address?

New Dimensions
P.O. Box 3034
Grand Junction, CO 81502

What if I have a question regarding my current status in the registration or payment system?


I think my credit card has been charged more than once. What can I do?


What if I have a question about New Dimensions or about one of the classes at New Dimensions?